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Experience the Freedom and Profit You Want

Start with a Free Assessment to identify the missing pieces holding your business back from giving you the life you want. 




The Growthpoint System™ helps you Identify & Install the Missing Pieces Holding Your Business Back from giving you the life you want. 

Growing a business is hard work.

But if you’re like most of the successful owners we’ve helped, the hard work doesn’t get to you…

It’s the confusion of what to do next!

If someone would just show you what to do next, you’d put in the hours… you’d make the effort and do whatever it takes to get it done.

Then you’d finally be free to move toward your dream of the life you want from your business. And you’d break through the invisible ceiling stopping you from building the business you were created to build!

Well, at the Growthpoint Coaching Company, that’s what we do:

We Simplify Your Business…

We Give You the Strategies, Systems, Tools and Support You Need to Experience the Freedom & Profit You Want From Your Business.

All You Have To Do Is Show Up and Take the Next Step: 

Our five-step process takes your Business Goals from dream to reality.


We’ll use the SystemScore Assessment™ to  identify the missing pieces holding your business back from giving you the freedom, the profit, and the life you want. 


On your Complimentary Freedom & Profit Coaching Call, you will get 60-minutes with a Growthpoint Business Coach. Together you’ll dial in on your business, your goals, and help you get absolutely clarity on how to reach them… FAST! 

Plus, you’ll get an action-plan to get you there without the pressure of a sales pitch. 


You will achieve more in 60 days than you ever thought possible inside the 60-Day Business Reboot. Your Growthpoint Coach will help you & your team take back control by using the Core-Four Method to give you more Free Time, better Team Performance, more Profit and better Cash Flow.


After your business reboot, you will get access to the Growthpoint Academy which is a customized, just-in-time learning platform where you will find the exact Strategies and Systems your business needs along with video training, forms, checklists, templates, scripts, and other downloadable resources to make getting results fast and simple. 


In addition to the Strategies and Systems inside the academy, you will get unlimited access to a qualified, personal Business Coach to help you execute your Growthpoint Strategy, so you can experience the Freedom & Profit you want from your business. 

What Results Are Others Already Getting With The Growthpoint System & Coach?

Mike Malizewski

“Mike doubled his business in the first six months of using the Growthpoint System. He built a strong team and stopped working in the field.  Now he spends more time with his family. His daughters even teased him about wearing pajamas because they had never seen his pajamas since he was always working while they were awake.”

Austin Roberts

“In 90 days, with a Growthpoint Coach, Austin went from working seven-day weeks and being stuck on the job site to creating enough margin to enjoy his family. He took back control over his cash AND time, so he finally owned his business instead of his business owning him.”

Kevin & Nick

“Nick and Kevin used the Growthpoint System to increase their profit by 418% from $21,219 in 2018 to $88,875 in 2019 after owner’s salary. Plus, they turned profit from a fictitious accounting number to real cash in the bank using our Profit Priority Banking Plan and paid off over $50,000 of business and personal debt.”

As You Can See...

“The Growthpoint System Has Already Helped Countless Small Business Owners Experience The Freedom & Profit They Want From Their Business…”

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Does your life look like this?

Why Growthpoint Works… 

“When you know the levers to pull in your business and the order to pull them, you can achieve the freedom, the Profit, and The Life You Want faster than you think.”

David Robertson, Founder of Growthpoint Coaching Co.


We’ve invested more than 16 years and over six figures into simplifying your business into a step-by-step process of increasing your profit, building a team you can trust, and freeing your time, so you can live the dream that motivated you to make the jump into business. 

After coaching hundreds of businesses ranging from the $300k electrician to the 33-Million-Dollar CEO with a team of 75 or more, we’ve been able to identify JUST FIVE THINGS YOU MUST GET RIGHT TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS:

#1 – You must attract the attention of the right people.
#2 – Convert that attention to a sale.
#3 – Deliver results and a remarkable experience.
#4 – Steward the resources acquired from the sale.
#5 – Build a team you can trust to run the business for you.

The owners with a businesses doing those five things well, get to experience growth.

But the owners who has systemized those five things inside his business gets to experience the Freedom, the Profit and the Life he wants from his business!

The Growthpoint System gets results fast because we’ve simplified business into a collection of Five Core Systems made from 24 simpler parts or projects, and we serve only the Part our clients need next…

So our clients just show up, take the next step, and get the results they want. 

The Growthpoint System™

Your Marketing System

Your Sales System

Your Operations System

Your Accounting System

Your Team System

What is Your Business SystemScore?

This will work for you if...

  • You’re tired of hitting your head on the invisible ceiling that’s stopping your business from growing…
  • You’re ready to take back control of your time, your money, or your team…
  • Or especially if you’re ready to get the freedom and profit you want faster than you ever dreamed…

Then Take the First Step to Identify the Missing Pieces Holding Your Business Back with The SystemScore Assessment by Growthpoint