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The Automotive Industry

Fueled by a race to innovate and strong sales, the automotive industry is in a constant evolving motion. Manufacturing has changed, locations have changed, and the need for strategic partners in strategic locations as grown rapidly.

Automotive OEMs are engaged in intense competition, and this is passed down through their supply chains motivating substantial investments in order to improve quality, maximize productivity, and increase efficiencies while reducing overall costs. The dynamics of these changes affect the entire supply chain of automotive OEMs.

With over 30 years of successful partnerships directly with America’s largest automotive OEM manufacturers as well as their Tier-1 Manufacturers, Jamestown Industries, Inc is a secure choice to serve as a Tier-1 Supplier or as an expert team player to a Tier-1 Manufacturer.

Fill out the form, make a phone call, or browse our site to see how we can serve as your Third Party Logistics partner. We can serve through Assembly, Kitting, Packaging, Sequencing, and Warehousing services. Contact us for more information.